Sprankelend Blauwzuur (Colonel Race #4) Agatha Christie


Published: 2003


237 pages


Sprankelend Blauwzuur (Colonel Race #4)  by  Agatha Christie

Sprankelend Blauwzuur (Colonel Race #4) by Agatha Christie
2003 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 237 pages | ISBN: | 8.13 Mb

In 1939, Agatha Christie published a short story featuring Hercule Poirot, entitled Yellow Iris. A few years later, she expanded the story into this excellent novel, changing the detective to Colonel Race. Having read the story before the novel, I immediately recognized the similarity of the setup (right down to the name Iris).

I assumed, therefore, that I knew how the murder was done, and in fact that aspect remains the same. However, if you think that reading the story will make it pointless to read the novel, think again! The murderer is someone completely different, and I was wrong in my suspicions and shocked at the ending. I know its a 5-star Agatha when she reveals the murderer and I smack myself on the forehead and yell, Holy crap!

out loud. Sparkling Cyanide is such a novel. I was blindsided by the ending, immediately kicked myself for not seeing it, and went back to re-read earlier passages that contained clues--or significant omissions, for there is a touch of Roger Ackroyd-style omission here.Sparkling Cyanide is one of my favorite Christie titles, by the way: it suggests the glamour of the elegant 1930s nightclub where the murder takes place, and certainly the idea of cyanide in the Champagne is a dramatic and memorable one.

I also have to give Dame Agatha credit for introducing me to the verb cyanosed (i.e., killed via cyanide), which I now want to work into a conversation sometime. I think it might supersede defenestrate as my new favorite violent verb.This is one of the novels I will keep and re-read, as knowing the solution does not diminish its style and the bravado with which Dame Agatha carries it off.

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