Goodbye Phoenix Hello Tucson Clyde H. Stagner

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Goodbye Phoenix Hello Tucson  by  Clyde H. Stagner

Goodbye Phoenix Hello Tucson by Clyde H. Stagner
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The nuclear catastrophe at Chernobyl and its resultant adverse effects on the local Russian populace set the stage for an accident analysis of the largest nuclear generating station in the world, located adjacent to Phoenix, Arizona. Knowledge of the local, and area, weather and climate is necessary after emission of a radioactive plume from a reactor accident. Possible and probable impacts on the populace of Phoenix are examined and related to the position and posture of the national government, the state government, and local jurisdictions, and their agencies, in the protection of the populace by eliminating or minimizing the effects of radioactive exposure.

The importance of First Responders is emphasized. Governmental and utility authority, responsibility, and accountability are delineated where possible. The conclusion cites a device and a protocol for lessening the agony of Phoenixs rise from the ashes.

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