Nocturne of the Sun Brenden Parkins


Published: June 27th 2014

Kindle Edition

216 pages


Nocturne of the Sun  by  Brenden Parkins

Nocturne of the Sun by Brenden Parkins
June 27th 2014 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 216 pages | ISBN: | 4.48 Mb

The premise was intriguing and the magic system was definitely unique. The unfortunate thing was that the editing was quite poor. There were many instances of excessive or missing words, incorrect punctuation, comma issues, and a general lack of proper formatting for a novel, especially when it comes to dialogue. Speaking of dialogue, the characters had fairly unique voices, but they tended to be rather formal in speech.

We were also introduced to an interesting cast of characters that then completely disappeared halfway through the book. Which brings me to a second major issue I have. This book seems to comprise what I would more appropriately call a prequel (the first half where Byako is traveling and first meets Dawn) and maybe the beginning of the first actual book of what may be an interesting series (their trip). As a result, the book felt a little disjointed and seemed to end abruptly, begging for another chapter. If one can overlook the many issues with this book, it is interesting and major editing would likely make it a much better read.

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